Alla Rivetta

Alla Rivetta
Castello 4625
Venezia, Italy 30122

September 2, 2015


Cuttlefish with cufflefish ink and polenta

Nero di Seppie (cuttlefish served in a sauce of its own black ink) is a lesser-known Venetian classics. It might not be the most visually appealing dish, but I am all about bizarre food that people would turn up their noses. Turned out that this was among the best things I have eaten this year!

Cuttlefish was extremely fresh and tender. Cuttlefish ink was thicker compared to squid ink I usually have. The ink dowered the whole thing with a powerful taste. This dish was also served with the traditional accompaniment polenta, which was more of a pate than a creamy polenta. I found all of the elements on this plate to be playful, and they became so vivid in mouth when being eaten together.

4P6A6426Spaghetti with cuttlefish sauce

The spaghetti dish was equally enjoyable, with the one-tone inky sauce and the perfectly cooked spaghetti, it was minimal and elegant. The flavor was unapologetically of umaminess, attached with an indescribable fishy sweetness. The one and the only thing to be aware of: no matter how satisfied you are, don’t smile.

This was the most memorable meal during my stay in Venice. I have respect for black food. I think it has colored me enlightened.