214 Mulberry St
New York, NY 10012
b/t Spring St & Prince St Nolita

April 20, 2015


Shakshouka - Baked organic eggs in spicy tomato sauce, spinach, grilled sourdough,and added Merguez

Balaboosta has became my most visited brunch spot for this past winter. Food here was fresh and pristine. Shakshouka was my go-to dish. It always came out piping hot. The perfectly baked broken egg united everything in a sip like no other. And for the best, it was served with grilled sourdough. That means I would be sopping up the last bit of tomato sauce with that piece of bread every time. Another good choice, also tomato sauce based, is the Moroccan fish cazuela. It was spicy and sour in a exotical way.


Bourekas – Puff pastry, boiled eggs, mushroom, spinach, harissa, feta

For puff aficionados, boureka was an unfailing option. The combined flavor of mushroom, feta and eggs was versatile, earthy and umami-rich, even though there was no meat involved. Speaking of vegetarian food, the crispy cauliflower appetizer with lemon and pine nuts was another plate consistently producing yelps of delight from the table.