239 West Broadway
New York, NY 9968
b/t Walker St & Beach St in TriBeCa

March 2, 2015

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Batard ranks as one of my 2014′s most loved restaurants. It had a fine-dining atmosphere, but dinner comes with a gentle price point – three-course prix fixe at $65. Food here is very much in a genre of its own. Burgandy wine selection is solid. And the service leaves no complaints.

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Octopus “Pastrami” – braised ham hock, pommery mustard, new potatoes

This plate was a playful preparation. The pommery mustard brought an ideal sharp contrast to flavor. A variety of potato helped round out texture of the protein. Needless to say, the combination of ham and octopus in the form of pastrami was just strange, and strangely delicious!

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Roasted Beets “Linzer” – caramelized hazelnuts, red currants, romaine hearts

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Veal Tenderloin “tramezzini” – trumpet mushrooms, sweetbreads, sauce diable

My main course was a $7 supplement, but worthed every penny of it. Chunks of tenderloin were cooked to medium rare, still pinkish red and moist. The wrapped puff turned each bite bready and comforting. This dish was groundbreaking and just as wonderful as the pastrami. It should never leave the menu.

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Branzino - butternut squash, grilled lettuce, pumpkin seed vinaigrette

My friend’s fish dish was lite as she liked. While the fish was beautifully caramel-skinned, we both agreed that the meat might be a bit overcooked.

4P6A4876 copyChocolate Torte - black cardamom, hazelnut semifreddo

Caramelized Milk Bread - blueberries, brown butter ice cream

Caramelized milk bread was basically a gussied-up variation on french toast. Spooning it with dollops of brown butter ice cream created a decent balance in both temperature and texture. The chocolate torte was not too far behind either, thanks to the alchemy between sea salt and nutty taste.