Bowery Meat Company

Bowery Meat Company
9 E 1st St
New York, NY 10003
b/t Extra Pl & Bowery East Village

June 18, 2015


Complimentary Bacon Rosemary Focaccia, soppressata, and Basil Arancini

I met up with two friends at Bowery Meat Company for dinner after hearing a lot of good reviews about this joint. All complimentary bites were scintillating and promising.


Zucchini Carpaccio Pistachios, Chili Flakes, Feta, Mint

Since we knew this meal was going to be meat-centric, we wanted a vegetable appetizer. I chose this zucchini carpaccio out of curiosity. The carpaccio way of preparing zucchini endowed it with a light spirit. But overall this was a rich dish once rolling all the cheese and nuts into the zuchini cloth.


Bitter Greens Caesar Dressing, Toasted Breadcrumbs, Parmesan

Another green plate. Unfortunately, splitting it three ways left everyone desiring more. As the picture conveyed, this was a salad with green on a par with parmesan cheese in portion..


Cote de Boeuf 38oz, Parisian Potatoes, Salsa Verde

The showstopper of the night – the Cote de Boeuf. This quartz-pink steak came out pre-sliced. I usually hate people cutting my steak for me, because it get cold too soon, but the temperature for this one was actually decent all through. The accompanied potatoes were absolutely delicious with the lightly dotted salsa verde. However, I still deem that beef this good would not need any additional sauce. Lastly, to wash it all down, of course, there was a bottle of very fine wine.


PB&J - Peanut Butter Mousse, Red Berry Filling, Strawberry Cereal Crunch, Sweet Cream Ice Cream

A peanut butter mousse called us over to a darker side… It’s not intensely peanut-buttery, but the jelly filling surpassed my suger quotient.

I thought this meal was spendier than it needed to be at over a hundred bucks per person, but hey accept it, it is a steakhouse with pampered service, real steak and celebrities, and it is on bowery street..