Café de Tacuba

Café de Tacuba
Calle de Tacuba 28 Col. Centro
México, D.F. Mexico 6010
Centro Norte

June 28, 2016

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Café de Tacuba is one of Mexico city’s most heralded culinary establishments for its long history. We went there for brunch, or should I say late breakfast, given my opinionated attitude toward brunch.


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Hot milk with a special coffee extract

We first got the special coffee drink, which as you can see above was special for its preparation. It began with some sweetened coffee extract in the bottom of the glass. And it ended with the foamy top coming from the pouring process of “pulling” the drink. This technique reminds me of Teh tarik from Malaysia.

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Beef tongue Viscaine style

And beef tongue for morning eating, hell yeah. The beef tongue itself was extremely succulent. But the real bomb here was the sauce, which was sour, tomatoey and super pungent. It had a bold pickled pepper flavor going on. This reminiscent style of my hometown Sichuan cooking was eminently satisfying for me. I even asserted a little more individuality by throwing in a couple other dashes of green chili sauce. And my friend and I had to order another side of rice to devour all the sauce… “It’s the dish I want to eat everyday,” my companion said hopefully. Me too.

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Oaxaca tamale

To the eye and palate, the tamale was uncomplicated at all, but no less stunning for it. The corn flavor hit my brain immediately. This was a testament to the virtues of simplicity, just like most of the street food we found and loved in Mexico.

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Under the high vaulted ceilings, there were Mexican ladies wearing Mexican frocks and bows and carrying Mexican buns. They also had live Mariachi band that are quite talented. At least all of these felt authentic enough for me.

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Stuffed to the brims, we headed over to the last item – churros. It was properly sugar coated and served still warm! Another successful exercise in unfussiness.

 I just need to say, If this meal at Café de Tacuba had to be considered as brunch, the raucous brunch hours in Mexico is obviously more fun.