178 E 7th St
New York, NY 10009
b/t Avenue B & Avenue A East Village, Alphabet City

February 29, 2016


Chicken and eggs, slow cooked chicken w/ fingerling potatoes, chicken jus, roasted vegetables and 2 eggs (bottom)

Pork belly and beans, braised pork belly, cranberry beans, croutons, lemons (top)

C&B is the breakfast royalty in my hood. This place is worth getting out of my bed no matter how bad the weather is outside.

I always started by sipping their legit coffee while waiting for those unknown goodies in my future. Yes, they do the trend-conscious bowl thing, but these truly are some unambiguously dope bowls. The chicken and eggs is their standby dish. It is a triumph, with a perfect balance between carb, protein and fat. Remember to drizzle some LBI Love Potion hot sauce on top, The result is this sour, dense, and umami-rich bliss.


Mushroom and eggs, seasonal greens, sherry vinaigrette, and roasted mushrooms, w/ 2 eggs

The mushroom and eggs breakfast salad is also not for the faint of heart. It is notable for its wonted use of watercress and the gratuitous toss of sourdough bites. Sometimes it comes with poached eggs, other times scrambled eggs, you never know and you just don’t ask (because breakfast is a meal where you don’t want to make a lot of decisions right?) Again, please love yourself some LBI Love Potion hot sauce that livens up everything.


People who cook there are not the normal hipsters working in the cafe on your block. They have this Texas style of handsomeness. You can tell their mellow attitudes to life by the unpretentious way they slice vegetables with the satisfied look of loving their job.


Mushroom and egg sandwich w/ watercress and sherry vinaigrette

They also serve playful riffs on morning sandwiches, all in a bomb way. And there are more pastries calling. I am just constantly prepared to set off on a croissant binge there.

C&B, an honest lubricant of the path to unadulterated morning happiness.