Edible Magritte

Edible Magritte
11 W 53rd St
New York, NY 10019
b/t Avenue Of The Americas & 5th Ave in Midtown West

September 14, 2013

At MoMA’s Edible Magritte, they served a meal inspired by Rene Magritte’s Surrealist imagery. Imagining Magritte makes art in his kitchen, it was almost like a scene of Halloween hangover.

Pink Bells, Tattered Skies, 1930

Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres cheese puff

The Portrait, 1935

Prosciutto di Parma and olive

The Six Elements, 1929

Cucumber sorbet decorated with pomegranate and sriracha.

The plate was the frame within the frame.

Les Affinités electives, 1933

Soft-boiled egg cracked over pappardelle with grated asiago and arugula leaves

I was surprised by how palatable this dish turned out to be. The breaking egg was warm enough to melt the cheese. Each bite came as a combination and balance of every ingredients. It was all simple. It was all good.


Celestial Perfections, 1930

Blue-dyed crème anglaise topped with poached meringues

 A clean plate, blue custard, and pillow-soft Meringue. How can we talk about Magritte without mentioning blue sky or white clouds?

Obviously, not everyone was thinking about skies and clouds.. Courtesy of the guy sitting besides me.

Painting my canvas by pouring the custard, Hooray, la cuisine de Magritte!

The ‘clouds’ were light and melt-in-my-mouth, almost like a heap of cream.

Young girl eating a bird (The pleasure), 1927

Molded dark-chocolate with running rum-raspberry filling. I eventually violently chomped down on the bird’s breast and felt its giblets right before the dinner was over.