Enoteca la Torre a Villa Laetitia

Enoteca la Torre a Villa Laetitia
Lungotevere delle Armi , 22
Roma, Italy 195

October 9, 2015


Enoteca la Torre is located at Villa Laetitia (owned by the Fendi Venturini family) in Rome. The villa itself was breathtakingly gorgeous presenting the renaissance and baroque architectural style. The restaurant, which occupies the magnificent rooms on the ground floor of the mansion, stands out for its elegance and rich decoration. Its under the radar location makes this one-michelin star a well-kept secret.




Lunch launched with some refined small bites. I was seated at a table next to the panoramic glass windows. By the time of 2pm, I was the only diner of the whole restaurant. Overlooking the verdant garden through the window, I really cannot concentrate on the taste of my food at that moment.


Olive oil ravioli and sea urchin

This amuse bouche has actually epitomized the food part of this entire meal. It held an extremely blunt flavour, with the spiciness of the liquid olive oil providing a discriminating and vigorous kick. Sea urchin became the subsidiary here. The temperature of the bite was perfect so that this little bomb was exploding in the month in a most soothing way. This bite proved the chef’s unbridled creativity.


“Earthy” Potato (Mushrooms, Black Truffles and Tobacco )

The potato was a gloriously unreconstructed hunk. It was humble but extravagant with the adornment of truffle. According to the chef, both potato and shroom were ingredients dug up from the ground. Therefore, this dish was designed to restore their primordial states through a related earthy combination.



Lamb of Tuscia with fresh bitter Herbs

Three cuts of lamb cooked three ways. The meat was lighter on the salt, leaving the high-quality meat to stand up on their own (tho the overall taste was still inferior by comparison with the Ledbury’s version.) This course also went magically well with the house complimentary wine. And there was the very handsome knife.



“Remember of tiramisu” Black and White and Frost

Palate cleanser was a foamy and berryly delight in a cup. Followed with the tiramisu. The vanilla frost was so smooth and not too sweet. The balance of flavors was further pushed through the exertion of olive oil, which has been brought in as a more subtle stand-in. The base was not too hard or dense, neither did it easily crumble.


Mignardises weren’t a novelty but they were sheer delish.


Enoteca la Torre may not be a dream come true, but its opulence in every aspect is dreamy. It was the kind of meal that can define a destination during the trip and keep me salivating for years to come.