47 E Houston St
New York, NY 10012
b/t Greene St & Mulberry St in NoHo, Nolita

December 24, 2014

4P6A4785 2

Fuyu persimmon, fennel, and hazelnuts

A cool-looking and great-tasting salad dish.

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Burrata with salsa verde and charred bread

To me, this was the climax of the meal. The mild zymic taste of burrata went really well with the soaked sourdough bread beneath.

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Beef tartare with sunchoke

As most of the time, tartare got me, not to mention when pairing with a glass of wine with the same purplish hue .

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Ricotta dumplings with mushrooms and pecorino sardo

This is the dish I keep reading about Estela, and it did hit the mark. The soft dumplings were covered by thin slices of mushroom, and they were packed with umami. The broth was also intoxicatingly aromatic.

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Razor clams with Horseradish

The shaved horseradish can be a little bit overpowering in terms of tasting, but fortunately the razor clams’ flavor was very detectable.

4P6A4818 2
Me without being a chocoholic could not resist getting more spoonfuls of this chocolate cake. The warm inside and creme dissolved together like ice cream melting on tongue.

I will definitely be a regular at Estella, at least I want to be..