Fortnum and Mason

Fortnum and Mason
4th Floor 181 Piccadilly
London, United Kingdom

December 2, 2015


Fortnum’s Savoury Afternoon Tea

In London, riff on classic seems so necessary. My friend and I went to Fortnum and Mason for weekend afternoon tea with a month-in-advance reservation. We ordered the savory cart. The finger sandwiches were outstanding, especially enjoyed the cucumber, mint and cream cheese one, coordinating and refreshing. Scones included goat cheese and duck egg & chard. Both were outstanding. The top layer came with more small good bites, where tons of pleasure simply lied within.


Crab Soufflé

My predilection for soufflé have made this plate a winner. The soufflé was surmounted by delicate flower petals and pea tendrils. Its texture was pillowy. The use of crab was an unique take on soufflé. Its explosive umaminess was off the hook. I think I demolished this whole in five minutes.


Classic Victoria sponge

There were many kinds of afternoon tea cakes for us to select from the cake carriage, but you really can’t go wrong with Victoria sponge. The gorgeous jam and cream layer made even the air around mellifluous.


Fortnum’s High Tea

We also tried Fortnum’s sweet tea set, which was quite forgettable compared with the savory set. The pastries were all wellmade, but too sweet and therefore turned to be dull in flavor.. Scones were righteous as always. Two warm scones were presented with a choice of fruit preserves and Somerset clotted cream, which was whipped light as air. Overall, Fortnum and Mason is still a competition-level tea house, just without any surprise.