Mu Ramen

Mu Ramen
12-09 Jackson Ave
Long Island City, NY 11101
Hunters Point, Long Island City

June 25, 2015


“Okonomiyaki” - scallion pancake, smoked trout, tobiko, shaved bonito, syrup

Obviously, new york has not hit its full ramen saturation. Mu ramen is coming up as the newest best. However, I did not come here just for ramen, I came for everything else.

From the well-loved “Treats” section, we ordered “Okonomiyaki.” This creative rendition was elaborately dressed with trout, syrup, and some flower petals. It was absolutely eye-watering.

Another highlight at Mu was their craft beer collection. Two excellent ones were Kagua Blanc and Rouge. The Blanc, which had a protrudent fragrant bitterness, went so well with the pancake.


“MU”ssels – sauteed mussels with spicy Mu dipping sauce

Even better was the sauteed mussels. Foremost, every single mussel in our bowl was plump. This unsureal quality was such a surprise. The Thai-chile dipping sauce plus a touch of saffron aioli ganranteed a supremely composed bite – full-bodied, spicy, and briny.


Tebasaki Gyoza - deep fried chicken wings stuffed with foie and brioche

Honestly, this stuffed chicken wing alone would trigger me to make this trip to Mu ramen. I have tried fried chicken wing stuffed with sticky rice before, but this one, stuffed with foie gras, was apparently more liberating. It was salty-sweet and creamy-crispy, but for me the taste was a bit ambiguous while lacking a foie gras flavor, and the mouthfeel was somewhat mushy.


MU RAMEN – oxtail and bone marrow based soup, bisket, half sour pickle, menma, cabbage and scallions

Finally, the flagship ramen was a jewish deli sandwich mash-up in a bowl. The oxtail and bone marrow based soup was unique. It was cloudy, slick yet light. Surely it was like no other ramen I’ve had before, but I still love my porky flavor of tonkotsu ramen better. My additional topping was nitamago, which was being cracked upon service, and this seasoned soft boiled egg was just perfectly done.