Osteria Barberini

Osteria Barberini
Via della Purificazione 20
Roma, Italy 187
Centro Storico

November 1, 2015

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Prosciutto e Melone

Osteria Barberini is a traditional family-run restaurant in Rome. It is famed for the menu that dedicates to white and black truffle.

Even though my appetite for this dish knows no bounds, Osteria Barberini’s version was honestly a heaven-sent one. The savory profile of prosciutto was rounded by the honey tasted melon. Every bite was equal parts sweet and salty, and juicy. 

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Risotto Vialone Nano White Truffle And Prosecco   

Blasphemy! This is the plate that begs for overindulgence. The appearance of prosecco was almost too sharp for something so rich like white truffle, but it all balanced out perfectly. The risotto was extremely aromantic and silken in the month. This dish bears repeating.

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Fettuccine Bacon, Asparagus, Burrata and Pistilli Saffron

The pasta dish was a nicety as well. This plate drew its electricity from the burrata, which held a half melting texture after being mixed up. Bacon, asparagus and the creamy mustardy sauce formed a perfect synthesis. It was overall extremely rich and comforting. Definitely binged eating at Osteria Barberini.