Pollen Street Social

Pollen Street Social
8-10 Pollen Street

September 3, 2016


Goat Cheese Churros with truffle honey, mushroom consommé, black Garlic Cookie

Even though this was already a year ago visit, I remember liking the taste of everything I ate at Pollen Street Social. Sadly I can’t recall some particulars of individual dishes, after all it has been a long while…

The meal was kicked off with some welcoming snacks, all of which were at their finest. The churro creation was daring yet meticulous, and the consomme delivered an extremely concentrated flavor but was carried out through such a light body.


Raw Orkney sea scallop, pickled kohlrabi, grapefruit, yuzu jam, black olive & samphire

Our carpaccio dish was in impeccable condition. The scallop was naturally sweet. Ingredients pairing was innovative if not too unregistered in flavor. And the dish was plated in high gourmet style.


Pine smoked quail, ‘English breakfast’

English breakfast is the dish received mountains of praise. When the dish arrived, the table was theater: the drawer was being opened and the pot was being poured; while I was still immersing in the smoky scent whirling around me, the plate was already finished assembling  in front with a fried egg ready for me to broke.


As to the taste, there was a charming coffee-like bitterness and an unusual herbal astringent aftertaste. This dish evidences chef’s open-minded curiosity.


Roasted Hebridean halibut, Orkney sea scallop, potato, leek & cockles

Next came the fish course. The flavoring of this dish was carefully calibrated, especially for the clear broth, which held a complex body to it: depth that I felt on my lips, but also just the right balance.


Lake District lamb loin, braised neck, roasted artichoke, merguez sausage, curds and whey

Things moved up a gear with the lamb. The rack was compact and muscular but not tough. The richness of the meat was further stretched by another layer of fermentation from the accompanied curds and whey, yet for all of its strength, every bite had an airiness that was unexpected.


Saddle of rabbit wrapped in pancetta, salt baked turnips

Finally, my rabbit in the flesh. As I cut into the rolls, I can sense how tender and delicate the meat was. To top the dish off, the bold rabbit reduction from the cooking pan was poured over the top of the rabbit at the table. The pearls of golden raisin broadened the flavor dimension of the dish as well. There were no misfires.



Pistachio souffle

Last choice helped conclude the meal – the pistachio souffle, which was right-out-of-the-oven and light-as-air.


Rounding off the dinner was a well-thought petit fours, bite size and on point. I was filled with gratitude.

The overall meal at Pollen Street Social was presented with all of the grace I’d expect from a fine dining restaurant.