SriPraPhai Thai Restaurant

SriPraPhai Thai Restaurant
6413 39th Ave
Woodside, NY 11377

December 20, 2014

DSC09796Coconut Juice & Thai Iced Tea W. milk

Started with this phenomenal coconut drink. The fresh coconut meat enlightened me about how real coconut water should be.


Chicken Soup W. mushrooms, coconut milk and galanga

This soup was deftly seasoned. I can taste the acid from lime and the freshness from lemongrass.


Kao-Soy Curry egg noodles w. pork

& Papaya Salad W. dry shrimp and crushed peanuts

& Green Curry w. shrimp ball, thai eggplant, bamboo shoots and coconut milk

The green papaya salad had many layers of texture. String beans and shaved papaya slivers provided a crispness. Little bits of peanuts added a nuttiness, and grape tomatoes gave a soft contrast.

Onto the mains, I was wild about my Kao-Soy. The egg noodles soaked up the curry broth, while some pickle was here to balance out its boldness. The addition of fried noodles provided some much-needed crunchiness to the bowl.

My friend’s green curry was a perfect blend of spices and herbs. I was also impressed by how fresh the shrimp ball was.



SriPraPhai’s desserts ranges way beyond standard thai eatery. The pinch of saltness presented in the coconut rice cake elevated its sweetness to an excellent level.

Overall, this place does live up to its reputation.