456 Hudson St
New York, NY 10014
b/t Morton St & Barrow St in West Village

November 3, 2013

Beer first to collect ourselves before stepping into the cow-heaven.


I almost collapsed when the Niku-uni was brought to the table. Chuck flap topped with sea urchin, this may be more than my sense can handle.. Anyway I love it unabashedly.


For the grill part, my favorites were Kalbi (short rib) and beef belly. They were beautifully marbled in look. Only 40 seconds for each side. The evanescent fat dissolved on the tongue immediately. It was damn good, damn it..


In comparison, Shio-Tan (tongue) and Tsurami (cheek) were standard. Dainty for sure, but since our goal today was to cull the perfect from the great…

Lastly, the sweetbreads. Its richness (followed by a hint of sweetness) simply astounds. Every morsel was so divine to make me excuse myself as well as my bill.

Takashi, I love you through and through.