The Bazaar by José Andrés

The Bazaar by José Andrés
465 South La Cienega Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90048
Beverly Grove

April 27, 2015

2014-11-07 18.12.17

2014-11-07 18.09.55

 LN2 Caipirinha brazilian cachaca, fresh lime and sugar frozen by using liquid nitrogen. tableside service

2014-11-07 18.11.25

 American Sturgeon Caviar Cone

2014-11-07 18.17.44

Not Your Everyday Caprésé Cherry tomatoes, liquid mozzarella

2014-11-07 18.35.31

 Jamón Ibérico And A Fried Farm egg truffle butter

2014-11-07 18.30.14

 Sea Urchin (3 Each)* Avocado, steamed buns

2014-11-07 18.59.00

Philly Cheesesteak* Air bread, cheddar, Wagyu beef 

2014-11-07 18.47.50

 Seared Rabbit “AL Ajillo” garlic, potato, parsley

Bazaar is known for its wildly experimental rendition of Spanish cuisine. Like everyone else here, we started our night off with the liquid nitrogen cocktail. As I expected, the drink itself was not as swank as its “molecular-gastronomy” way of making it, but talking about innovative here..

The lavish caviar cone was exactly one bite, which made its umami-richness into a condensed flavor bomb. The caprese was my favorite. The liquid mozzarella was so unusual-yet-savory. Chowing down with a piece of cherry tomato, there was this transformative blended juiciness. Next, the fried farm egg and jamón Ibérico was a perfect representation of chef’s imaginative interpretation and execution on traditional tapas. Two relatively ordinary creations were sea urchin bun and seared rabbit. The combination of avocado, carb and sea urchin was almost too luxurious in both flavor and texture, while the rabbit was sadly overcooked. However, things were brought back to the table by two unforgettable philly cheesesteaks. The idea of using wagyu beef and infusing emulsion of cheddar into the puffy pita dough was whimsical. These mini “sandwiches” had the right balance of meat to cheese without being overly greasy. Overall, this epicurean evening at Bazaar was by far the most fun one in my LA dining history.