The Clam

The Clam
420 Hudson St
New York, NY 10014
b/t Leroy St & St Lukes Pl West Village

May 28, 2015


The Clam is probably my most frequent restaurant of this year. Food here is so remarkable that I could not stop recommending it to people around me. My last visit there was for brunch. Every meal at the Clam starts off with a warm bread roll. The bare salt on top artfully brought out a hint of sweetness in the background.


Six littleneck clams, cocktail sauce

Clam is often considered as a more humble ingredient than oyster. However, that does not mean it is less flavorful. These shucked clams were fresh, bouncy, and protein-rich. Accompanied with a drop of fizz, my demand could easily rise to a dozen, or two..


Roasted mushroom arancini – fontina

While savoring all over the clam, we also indulged in these reassuring and cheese-oozing arancini.


Yuzu marinated fluke crudo, watermelon radish, ginger, crispy onions

As a perfect counterpoint to the arancini, we feasted on some light and citrusy crudo as well.


clam chowder, bacon, leeks, oyster crackers

I never screw my meal up at the Clam without ordering the clam chowder. It’s the most unique clam chowder I have had, by far. Compared with the traditional chowder, it is a much less creamy version, while still holding a rich tasting profile with the flavor released from bacon and leeks. I love how restrained and complex this soup is. After many tries, I would still give it as many stars as there are in the sky.

lobster sliders, griddled bun, 2pc

During my last visit, they ran out of the fried clam and left us with only lobster salads in the sliders. It was well-prepared, but not as compelling as the ones with fried clam.


Roasted mushroom & fontina quiche, royal trumpets, leeks, radish, truffle

The quiche was nothing revolutionary, just an expert riff on the brunch classic.

4P6A5382 spaghetti & clams, spicy tomato, salad on top

The last best dish was spaghetti and clams, which to me was more flavorful than anybody else’s clam pasta. What hit me first was the tang from the Arrabbiata-liked sauce. The next thing registered was the bitterness from arugula. Both of these protrudent tastes were rendered down by the lightly cooked clam, and further by the spaghetti, a perfect carrier. Everytime after I finished I felt that I could have polished off another bowl no matter how bloated my belly was.