Uncle Boons

Uncle Boons
7 Spring St
New York, NY 10012
b/t Bowery & Elizabeth St Nolita

October 22, 2015

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House specialties beer slushies

Uncle Boons is an one-star michelin newcomer. The restaurant held a charmingly unpolished air, as well as, a buzz that both of its chefs were previous cooks at Per Se. So there has to be some expectation..

This volcano of beer above is called Chang beer slushies. Its texture was a lot like blended frozen margarita. For sure a cute idea, at the same time, it can be a bit gimmicky. It is not my favorite way of drinking beer, but it did help quell the serious heat of the spicy chicken salad below.

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Yum Gai Hua Pli – Spicey rotisserie chicken & banana blossom salad with cashew, crispy shallot & rosted chili dressing

This most talked-about chicken salad was designed to set your mouth on fire. Every second of chewing produced a spicy excitement. Chicken had a satisfying mouthfeel, but was over salted. Banana blossom was crunchy and kind of undissolvable in month, which I thought was interesting, but my companion absolute disliked.

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Kob Woonsen – Garlic & soy marinated frog legs over glass noodle, lemongrass & thai herb salad

The juicy frog leg was charged with a powerful infusion of garlic and ginger. The bed of herb salad and glass noodle was more ornamental than essential here. It also turned this fried dish to be squishy.

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Plaa yang – Whole charcoal roasted dorade with charred leeks & nam prik dipping sauces

The fish, which has not been exposed much by people, was a lowkey daintiness. It was grilled to irresistible tenderness. Its naked freshness really needed nothing more than a squeeze of charred lime. The accompanied leeks tasted so nuanced and only left me want more.

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Khalum Pli – Spicy rotisserie cabbage with roasted chile nam prik, crispy dried shrimp & shallot

Meal was further jazzed up with a side order of cabbage. This whole block displayed a slow-building richness. Softness was one key to its greatness. Another key was the crunchy blanket of dried shrimp and shallot, which created a smart contrast.

Uncle Boons is surely not your same old thai joints, but it felt inflatable to be called the best “thai” food in the city.