Union Square Cafe

Union Square Cafe
101 E 19th St
New York, NY 10003
b/t S Park Ave & Irving Pl Gramercy, Flatiron

February 19, 2017


Sourdough and butter

My last sunday brunch at Danny Meyer’s re-opened Union Square Cafe turned out to be one of the easier five star dining experience I’ve had in a while.

First and foremost, the warm and fermented slices were such a relieve. The super smooth butter was tidbit.. probably the best I have spreaded after my return from Paris. The start already proved this a place with so much measured sensibility in food.


Sushi del Chianti al Modo di Panzano – Hudson Valley Harvest Beef, Parmigiano Reggiano

The tartare was cut into exact tiny cubes. With dusted cheese and shaved radish, each forkful delivered an obscene beefiness, and a funky flavor and a layered texture. A lot of care was taken in this plate.


Pappardelle - Duck Confit & Chanterelle Sugo, Brussels Sprouts, Winter Squash

Pasta was satisfying. The flavor combination was a fresh take on the dish you thought you knew. Every table ordered this course. It has clearly already become an instant classic at Union Square Cafe, and it does bear repeating.


Crispy Chicken Liver Sandwich - Hard Boiled Egg, Deviled Cream Cheese, Pickles

Sandwich was unforgettable. The liver was juicy and rosé-colored inside. And oh, those potato chips… they were revelatory. It was thick, crispy, solid, and well-seasoned. If you don’t like this, you are likely to be a flawed human being. Yes, that good..


USC Banana Tart – Macadamia, Honey-Vanilla Ice Cream

IMG_3835 Hudson Flower Cavemaster Reserve OId Chatham, NY Pasteurized Sheep’s Milk 

The mandatory tart composed of melting lobes of banana and a nicely caramelized coating. The semi-soft cheese came out with well assorted accompaniments.

Service was cordial the whole time. Hospitality was included, so the prices weren’t sky-high. The cooking was spotlessly correct, and the flavors all make sense. Union square cafe, still a masterpiece.