50 Clinton St
New York, NY 10002
b/t Stanton St & Rivington St in Lower East Side

November 15, 2014


Sesame Flatbread

WD~50 is closing for good in the end of this November. With a “now or never” idea in mind, I booked the reservation one month in advance.


Oyster in its “shell,” – Preserved Lemon, Snow Pea, Hazelnut

 Chose the twelve course tasting menu. Every single plate here involved incredible artistry and meticulousness. Everything was teeny portion..


Egg Yolk-mashed Potato Ravioli, Caviar, Cucumber


Frog Leg, Brioche, Rooibos, Nasturtium


Cuttlefish, Carrot, Chamomile, Schmaltz

I’m not an outright fan of cuttlefish, but the sous-vide method of preparation gave it a texture that I could appreciate more. The schmaltz added an exquisite dash of fattiness to each bite.


Charred Chicken Liver, Szechuan, Injera, Melon

A Harry Potter style dish. Beautiful visual presentation, but it was somewhat foolhardy on flavor in my view.


 Shrimp Grits, Pickled Jalapeno

The actual grits was the shrimp here. Shrimp was chopped into a slightly sandy texture. The pickled jalapeno helped to smooth out the intense richness of the “grits”.


Hamachi, Turnip, Sshiso, Blood sausage


Pork Collar, Poppy Seed, Red Bell Pepper, Tamarind

 I was in awe of how succulent these two pieces of meat were. The texture was tender without losing the wonderful meaty mouthfeel. Definitely a standout of the evening.


Wagyu Flatiron, Watermelon, Fermented Black Bean

This was another unreal dish I would highlight. The beef was smoked and cooked utterly perfect. I must also point out the chef’s creative use of ordinary ingredients to bring the dish up a notch. This time it was the watermelon’s refreshing and perky flavor to round the oiliness out.


Butternut Squash, Sherbert, Earl Grey, Tapioca


Verbena Mousse, Rhubarb, Buckwheat4P6A44981

Sorghum Parfait, Celery, Quinine, tonic

 All the desserts I had that night were very experimental, especially the “bubble tea”. The squash flavor brought fall to me and the typical Asian combination of tapioca and tea took me back home. I was in joy!