ZZ’s Clam Bar

ZZ’s Clam Bar
Edit 169 Thompson St
New York, NY 10012
Greenwich Village

March 28, 2017

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Tuna Toasts

ZZ’s Clam Bar has been championing the high-quality seafood and craft cocktail for forever in the city. It was a splurge on any level, from taste to cost, and we totally went there for a special occasion..

The quenelle of tuna was an unadulterated riff on tuna tartare. It was extravagant. We also started with a supremely stylish oyster shelf, which was market-fresh and swell.


Cured – Japanese Sardine

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Crudo – Saba Mackerel, Watermelon Radish

There were no manly plates here. These two small dishes continued proving their noteworthy fish quality. I liked the dense fishiness of the sardine. Curing is generally a culinary win for fish. Its directness was simple and over-the-top.

As good as every drink can be so arrestingly beautiful at ZZ’s, the high point of a round of cocktail ordering was the Pear (rum,sherry,green tea). It held a well-balanced sweetness and was so unique in flavor.


Carpaccio – Chianina Beef, Sea Urchin, Caviar

The biggest plate was this grand carpaccio, though we still finished it with alarming speed.. It was priced at 3 digits, but I would say worth it, even just for bragging rights. A bite of everything constructed a rich crescendo as it melted in the mouth. I will leave the rest to your imagination.

We were as perfectly content as a man can be at the end of the dinner. ZZ’s Clam is still a romantic and idiosyncratic restaurant in New York city.