Finger Run


Finger Run is a smartwatch app for helping you meet your daily activity goal by improving your finger performance.

 I got intrigued by the observation that most apps for Apple Watch are activity trackers and health related applications. Wearable devices seemed to hold the major promise of leading us to a wholesome lifestyle.


I then started to imagine other possible digital experiences for wearables, given the limitation on the development set for small screen.



Eventually, I landed with Finger Run – which helps track and map every finger workout by scrolling.

10 meters, 1 minute, 0 calorie.

This App is developed in Swift programming language. Coming soon on the App Store.

Time to Run! Be sure to stretch before you hit the screen.



Finger Run is a critical interaction design for Apple Watch. I am interesting in taking a new approach to play with simple screen interactions like touch/swipe/scroll/haptic effect/force touch in Apple Watch.