Finger Run

Finger Run is a critical design of smartwatch app for helping you meet your daily activity goal by improving your finger performance.

This App is developed in Swift programming language. Coming soon on the App Store.



I got intrigued by the observation that most apps for Apple Watch are activity trackers and health-related applications. Wearable devices seem to hold the major promise of leading us to a wholesome lifestyle, but there must be more to life than this.

Widen Up

I started to imagine possible digital experiences for wearables, given the limitation on the current development set for a small screen.  I am interested in taking a new approach to play with simple screen interactions. So I explored different gesture recognizers (tap/pinch/rotation/swipe/pan/long press) in a various playful ways.


Narrow Down

Eventually, I landed on Finger Run – an interactive game which helps track and map every finger workout by scrolling. The making process includes scaling the container interaction, matching the hardware, designing the interfaces, and testing repeatedly.


Introducing Finger Run


10 meters, 1 minute, 0 calorie.

Be sure to stretch before you hit the screen.